2015 09 12 Brand Ambassador Mascot for Royale

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September 23, 2015
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September 23, 2015

On Sat., Sept. 12th Tigris provided a  brand ambassador mascot and handler to represent Royale at the One Walk to conquer cancer in Toronto. Unfortunately, due to the rain, the mascot wasn’t able to make an appearance until the first cheering station. Throughout the day the sun began to shine and our Tigris brand ambassador, working as the Royale mascot, was able to cheer on walkers by the sidelines.

Everyone on the street was excited to see the Royale mascot, especially children who thought the giant mascot was adorable. Many participants were eager to take photos with the brand ambassador mascot as well.

Below are a few testimonials from those participating in the walk:

  • “Yay, it’s the Royale kitty! He’s so soft!”
  • “Can we take a picture with the kitty?”
  • “I love the kitty’s dance moves!”
  • “What is Royale giving away today?”

Mascots are an amazing way to create brand awareness and are extremely popular at community events. Our brand ambassadors, along with a ‘mascot handler’ are able to work for several hours as a mascot and will bring their dance moves to any event!

Are you interest in having your mascot appear at an event? Tigris has qualified mascots and mascot handlers on our roster in Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver and several other cities across Canada. Contact Tigris today at [email protected] for a free quote on any of our services!