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Booth Staff

Grace Foods is one of the Caribbean’s largest and most dynamic food and beverage companies in the world. They provide a wide range of delicious products that let you enjoy the unique essence and sizzle of the islands right in your own kitchen no matter where you live. Most Grace products can be found in the International aisle of major supermarkets.

Grace has over 192 products in their portfolio and growing including these categories: Coconut Water, Coconut & Dairy Products, Organic & Natural Coconut Products and Beverages.

Tigris Booth Staff Sample and Sell Grace Products at Durham Caribbean.

Tigris provided a team of trained Grace booth staff to host an activation for Grace at Durham Caribbean. The team was onsite last year, and guests were happy to seam them back! Below are a few customer testimonials:

  • “I am very familiar with this brand, have been using it since I was a kid.”
  • “Grace has expanded so much! It’s great to see them expand into new areas.”
  • “Everyone had those Island Sodas so I had to try one. They’re so good!”
  • “I am so glad Grace is found in so many places now!”
  • “Love Grace’s Jerk seasoning, I come to these events every year to stalk up!”
  • “Coconut syrup!? I’ve got to try that. My family would love it”
  • “I bought your Jerk BBQ last year.My husband and I liked it so much I had to come back this year to get more!”

Responsibilities & Roles of Tigris Booth Staff 

Throughout the day, our teams’ primary responsibilities were to:

  • Engage show attendees passing by to help attract them to the booth.
  • Sample and sell the products
  • Prepare & offer product samples on a request basis unless busy.
  • Encourage customers to purchase one or more of products available.
  • Collect cash/dispense change to customers for product purchases.
  • Record inventory & sales on the tracking sheet provided.
  • Re-stock product at the booth as needed from the storage area.
  • Distribute promotional material when appropriate.
  • Maintain tidiness of the booth (discard trash, straighten brochures).

We’ve been working alongside Grace Foods since 2015 to supply teams of dynamic multicultural events staff for their events. It’s our duty to ensure their presence at each event is valuable and impactful. Hire an event management company to plan, staff and manage your yearly events. Tigris operates nationwide across Canada with 2,000 events staff on our growing team.

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