2017 02 17 to 26 Auto Show Promo Staff for Wonderlist

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February 27, 2017
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February 24, 2017

Would you rather try a Red Bull Race Simulator or win $50,000? Luckily for guests at the Toronto Auto Show, they get to do both! The annual CIAS runs from Feb. 17-26 with hundreds of interactive exhibitors. Tigris is teaming up with Red Bull & Wonderlist to provide Auto Show Promo Staff for their activations. 

What is Wonderlist? Wonderlist is an email contest program that offers members access to AMAZING contests. These include suites at professional sporting events, concert tickets, and much more! To subscribe, guests inputted their information on iPads. By subscribing to Wonderlist, they were automatically entered for their chance to win $50,000 credit towards a new car. Because the prize was so great, hundreds of people entered the contest. As a result, Wonderlist’s subscribers grew significantly. 

Auto Show Promo Staff Race for Results

You may be wondering what a Red Bull Race Simulator is. It allows guests to play within an Aston Martin-Red Bull concept Hypercar AM-RB 001. This car is essentially a street-legal Formula One car. What’s the big deal? This car will make its first appearance in North America β€” and its global auto show debut β€” at the Canadian International AutoShow. Therefore, it’s a pretty big deal!

Almost every booth at the auto show incorporates Auto Show Promo Staff to increase booth traffic and sales. Ensure you have the best staff at your booth by booking early. In addition to Toronto, Tigris operates nationwide across Canada with over 2,000 events staff on our roster. 

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