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In the events and XM industry, both client and consumer experience are key. But let’s be honest, the B2B market is entirely different than B2C.  B2B customers expect the best service and products. And we don’t blame them! Everyone wants more; the latest upgrade, the next best thing, whatever that may be. Because B2B customers provide goods or services themselves, they especially expect their providers to offer the same (if not higher) standard of care. While everyone is entitled to an off day, we recommend striving to provide your very best, essentially a white glove service. It’s more than customer service; in fact, we like to think of it as customer experience. This is critical for any business and a key driver for retaining existing clients and increasing profit. And this all starts with how you engage with those clients. So, without further ado, we’re sharing our insider tips for B2B customer engagement.

B2B Customer Engagement: Personalize


If you are selling or promoting a product or service, you are inherently connecting with people. It’s critical to remember that there is an individual behind every username or order; each equally unique and important. Keeping this top of mind will go a long way when trying to create deeper and more meaningful connections. Top-tier providers make time to ensure each client is taken care of. If they get lost in the “daily shuffle,” you risk losing valuable customers over time. So, just as you want to remember the person behind the order, we recommend pulling back the curtain a little and humanizing your own brand as well. For instance, use your brand to tell a story. Customers are much more inclined to make a purchase or switch providers if they buy into your story. If they are invested in your journey, they will want to support you.

A great example of how effective this method can be is the influencer phenomenon currently taking over the digital space. Between Instagram, YouTube & TikTok, people are connecting with people all over the world, mesmerized by their journey and stories and therefore investing in and supporting them by engaging with their content and even purchasing their merch. So, start getting creative! Like we said, peel back the curtain, make some videos, share behind-the-scenes content, employee spotlights – whatever moves you! Remember, the more approachable your brand is, the more appealing it will be.

B2B Customer Engagement: Humanize


Next on our list of insider tips for B2B customer engagement is personalization. Customers, particularly B2B, expect more than one-size-fits-all interactions. They want (and should be made) to feel special and attended to. The best way we can enrich our engagements and add value back to our clients is to personalize our services and experiences. Now, this is not limited to in-person interactions; in fact, this can extend to all marketing channels such as email, landing pages, products/services, sales representatives, social media encounters and so much more. We are all pulled in a million directions every day, but when you are able to respond and engage, make it personal and relevant. A little goes a long way. Ensure you are focused on our customers and the content is focused on their needs and solutions. This matters to your customers, and they will show their appreciation through interactions and sales. So, our best piece of advice? Get personal and know your audience!

B2B Customer Engagement: Reward


Finally, a gentle reminder to reward customer loyalty. Now, we’re sure you’re seeing dollar signs, but hear us out. In addition to client holiday or birthday gifts, there are a lot of low-cost options that add value back to your customers. For example, think about your customer’s engagement journey and which goals you have in common. You can offer industry insights in the form of a free webinar or blog. And we love a good loyalty program, so don’t forget to offer discounts (where it makes sense) or turn it into a contest! Your customers will appreciate that you recognize their ongoing contribution to your business.


Final Thoughts

So, what did you think about our insider tips for b2b customer engagement? Connect with us and let us know; we’d love to hear from you. And as a bonus, we’ll leave you with one final tip. To know if you’re successful with in b2b customer engagement, don’t forget to review how you measure up. Social engagement, repeat business and referrals are the best way to gauge if your efforts are paying off.


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