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February 8, 2023
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Experiential Marketing Strategies: Alcohol and Food Samplings

Experiential marketing events are some of the best opportunities for brands to connect directly with their target audiences. Furthermore, experiential marketing is quickly becoming CPG brands’ bread and butter when it comes to marketing food and beverage products. Experiential marketing activations allow brands to reach multiple touchpoints to drive connections with consumers. In fact, there are numerous strategies to consider. For instance, one way to stand out among your competitors is by having a dynamic product sampling tour. Are you intrigued? Well, we hope so, because today we’re sharing our top five experiential marketing strategies for alcohol and food samplings.

Consumer Connection

Experiential marketing is one of the best methods of directly driving consumer connection. Consumers connect with brands through experiences. You may be asking how?  Well, let us share with you a few examples. For instance, in-store samplings and mobile tours are some of the best ways to accomplish this. But more than this, think about connecting with consumers on an emotional level. It’s all about key messaging and conversation.

Why Experiential Marketing Works

Inspire Interaction

In the spirit of consumer connection, we are always looking for ways to inspire interaction. Whether you are in-store or mobile, complimentary samples are the number one way to drive to attract and interact with consumers. In addition to offering samples, let’s think about other ways to inspire interaction. Branded assets and/or photo opportunities are tried and true avenues that have proven to draw consumers in.

Street Team Marketing

Turn Up Trials

One of the best experiential marketing strategies that aid in consumer connection and interaction is trials! Don’t be afraid to turn up the heat when it comes to product sampling. The best way to get a potential customer to convert to your brand or product is to have them try it@!  So, whatever the method, we highly recommend turning up the trials.

Lock in Loyalty

The ability to lock in loyalty is through consumer trials. Let’s face it, we all have our go-to products. For example, the weekly grocery shop. We tend to purchase the same products and brands week after week. By sampling and interacting with consumers, we organically open up the conversation to new products.

Ramp Up Relevancy

Finally, you need to ramp up your relevancy to keep those new customers. To do this, you need to stay on trend. Re-invent your campaign and interactive activities. Ensure anything you do is directly related to your target market. And above all, follow up. Whether it’s on social media, a mailing list, or however you choose to connect –  it’s critical you stay current with your consumers.

Remember, if you want to influence that target audience, you need to connect with consumers, encourage interaction, increase loyalty, offer trials, and follow-up. Above all,  keep your brand relevant! What did you think about our strategies? We would love to hear from you! Click below to connect with us, or give us a call, we would love to help you amplify your next campaign.

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