experiential marketing vancouver

Tigris executing a Vancouver experiential marketing campaign for Coco Libre Apr/15

Vancouver Experiential Marketing Agencies – Build Stronger Relationships With Event Marketing

Although Tigris is an experiential marketing agency based out of Toronto, Vancouver is home to our second largest roster of promotional models and brand ambassadors. We are consistently busy in this city and have executed events for tons of brands, including but not limited to Canadian Tire, Coco Libre, Taste of Nature and Brita. But hold on… Tigris isn’t simply a staffing agency – we have much more to offer! Tigris provides exceptional experiential marketing concepts and design for our clients.

There’s no doubt about it: your audience has a short attention span. Although you are extremely present and consistent with your online marketing, you may be forgetting a crucial component. You must create a unique customer experience for your audience and be approachable. How do you stay relevant

Through event marketing, experiential marketing, participatory events, or whichever term you use to define this technique. It’s all about creating the ultimate platform for consumer engagement. Why do you want the consumers to engage with your brand? Consumer engagement gets your audience talking about and sharing your brand, and increases brand loyalty and growth.

experiential marketing vancouver

Tigris executing a sampling for Taste of Nature at the Gluten Free Expo Jan/15

4 Rules For Experiential Marketing

1. Make It Positive
Although bad news travels quickly, you really don’t want consumers talking about your brand in a negative light. It’s important to create a positive experience for consumers so that they feel valued and want to share their experience via social media and word of mouth. Your consumers will become your most valuable brand ambassadors!

2. Define Your Goals
How many samples do you want distributed? How many people do you plan to engage with? Do you have a follow up plan? What is the message you are trying to send? Outline these goals so that your big ideas have big impact and big rewards.

3. Know Your Audience
Since experiential marking is all about the consumer, you need to really, REALLY know your audience. When brainstorming a unique activation, be aware of where your audience will be, what they like to do, and how to grab their attention. They need to feel like you are speaking directly to them.

4. Attack The Senses
Think about the situation, not the product. Think “grooming in the bathroom” and not “razor”. Take Jaguar for an example. They aren’t selling a luxury car, they are selling a lifestyle, an experience, a feeling. Create the experience you want your consumers to feel when they purchase or think about your product.

Thinking of a BIG idea can be daunting, but if you are even thinking of experiential marketing, then you are on the right track. Here at Tigris, we have clients who come to us with a blank page. That’s totally fine, because that is exactly what we are here for. It is our mission to create, plan and staff events to build brands and businesses. You give us a product or message that you would like to sell, and we can do the rest. We have a team of professional account coordinators with years of experience in the biz with a list of ideas ready to go within minutes. We will then present the ideas to you and work together to make your business goals come to life.

Here at Tigris, we believe communication is key. We realize that events occur 24/7 and are outside of the 9-5 daily routine. We are prepared for all types of events, regardless of the length, location or duration. We answer our e-mails and phone calls – you won’t be chasing us around! As a small business with big business vision and even bigger ideas, we treat every client with the respect and attention they deserve.

If you are looking for the one of the best Vancouver Experiential Marketing Agencies, give us a call at 647-286-9392 . Our services are available in over 15 different markets across Canada, including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton.

Vancouver Experiential Marketing

Hosting a booth for Java Brew at the BC Home & Garden Show Feb/15