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Toronto Temporary Staffing Agencies – Find the Most Reliable Temporary Staff Locally or Nationally!

Toronto temporary staffing agencies do not usually operate specifically in this city alone; the majority of temporary staffing agencies operate in multiple cities across Canada, and some even venture into the US. Due to the large areas that these companies cover, the number of staff is generally large and their skills diverse. But how do you know that the temporary staff will be reliable? Many agencies have struggle with booking staff who in turn don’t show up for any number of reasons. It’s beneficial to show where the staff are coming from, and how they became part of the staffing agency as their process can dictate how successful they are. Do they have issues with consistency rarely or regularly? If you ask some of the right questions, this will more often than not allude to their success in this area or lack there of.

Perhaps the #1 question would be – how does one become part of a temporary staffing agency? A surprising majority of these companies simply require an online application. And while yes, the application may be in depth, covering personal information from work history to shoe size, but one cannot simply understand the abilities of an individual until they meet them in person. Imagine hiring someone simply based on their facebook page. This is an online personality that an individual has created and manipulated to represent themselves the way they wish to been seen. Sometimes this persona is not completely accurate. The only way to be sure if an individual is appropriate for the job is to meet (and screen) them in person! That way you can verify that they look like the photos they’ve provided to represent themselves, see how they engage others and how they put themselves together.

Secondly, it’s helpful to know how long their clients have been working with them. If it seems that they have high turn over in clients (or staff), this could be an indication of events that have not gone as successfully as planned. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is – if the staff (or the right staff) aren’t provided, you will let your client down and if it happens once or twice, they may no longer give you their business. On the flipside, if staff come and go constantly, it could be an indication that they aren’t treated well (e.g. not paid well, not paid on time etc).

At Tigris, we are proud to say that we have been working with some clients for literally as long as we’ve been in business. We aren’t trying to say we’re perfect. When you’re dealing with people, sometimes things simply happen. But it’s how you handle what happens that matters. If someone cancels, did you communicate with your client and were you able to source a replacement? Having a position completely unfilled is extremely rare for us… in over 10 years, perhaps this has happened 10 times. That’s once per year out of thousands of events. That’s not too shabby!

Tigris Talent Interview Sessions – Finding the Best Temporary Staff

Tigris is one of the only Toronto temporary staffing agencies that require more than a brief description and photos from our applicants. To start, we require an updated resume and 2-3 recent photos. Although these photos do not have to be professional, we advise temporary staff to have someone take a photo of them, dressed to impress, against a background with no distractions (like a white wall). Once these components are reviewed, we invite the applications to a group interview.

We conduct group interviews because we do receive a lot of interest for those to join our roster! Group interviews are a quick, efficient way of meeting with a large number of people in a short amount of time. We typically interview about 8-10 candidates at a time. During these interviews, we give a brief history of Tigris, how we operate and what they can come to expect from us. We also outline what we would expect from them while they’re working for us and representing our clients. We want to ensure that each candidate is aware of what temporary staffing as a promotional model, brand ambassador or event manager requires. We then give each candidate the chance to introduce themselves and evaluate how they interact with the other applicants. When working as an events staff, you are constantly engaging with the public so group interviews highlights these skills!

By the next day, a good rule of thumb to decide who you want to hire and who you don’t is who you can remember from the night before. It’s usually a really good thing – or a really bad thing – that you can remember them. At Tigris, we want the candidates who are memorable, in a positive way, as those are the people who will make the kind of impact our client’s and their brands are looking for.

Once staff are officially hired and put on our active roster, they receive a comprehensive company manual outlining in depth what they would have learned at our interviews about our policies, procedures and payments. They also receive a welcome package in the mail. From that point, newly hired candidates can look forward to receiving notifications for new events via email over the coming  months.

Not only do we host these types of group interviews in Toronto, but we follow the same procedures when recruiting for Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and our other markets across Canada. This ensures that we are one of the top Toronto temporary staffing agencies with reliable, experienced staff locally – and nationally. Our staff are certified to serve alcohol, trained to host events, conduct samplings and execute street promotions (to name a few things). Regardless of the event, our goal remains the same. We aim to provide the right staff to reflect the brand they are representing. This allows us to best leverage our “people power” to get results! Interesting in working with us? or hiring our temporary staff? Give us a call at 416.283.9119!

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