Promo Models Toronto – Boost your Brand Image with a Beautiful Face & Reach More Consumers!

What images come to mind when you hear the term “promo models Toronto“? You’ve probably heard the team ‘promo model’ quite a lot recently. This is because so many companies have begun to recognize the value of the leads and sales promotional models have the ability to attract! Here are a few common questions regarding the role of promotional models and how they can benefit your brand.

What’s the difference between a promo model and events staff/brand ambassador?

A promotional model and brand ambassador are two roles that include the individual interacting with users/consumers/guests, and require the individual to create a positive association for the brand they’re representing. There is a slight difference between the role of a promo model and brand ambassador, and many of the duties overlap.

A brand ambassador is hired to promote a product or service though branding. The brand ambassador will embody the brand by dressing appropriately and using the marketing strategies provided to influence people they interact with to purchase or sample the product. They are a positive spokesperson meant to drive sales for the brand. A brand ambassador requires a more mainstream look and above average energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

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A promo model is hired by the client to drive consumer demand for a product, service or brand by directly interacting with potential consumers. It is their duty to inform potential consumers about the product and make it appealing. What’s different from a brand ambassador however is the importance of the brand image the client feels embodies their brand. Promotional models may be requested based on height, hair colour, body type, ethnicity etc. There is immense importance placed on image along with their intelligence and pizzazz. While the length of interaction with the consumer may be short, the promotional model delivers a memorable experience that captures the consumer’s attention and leaves a lasting impression. They are literally walking and talking commercials. We recently ran a promotion for a US retailer – and people thought our promo model was Kate Upton, the cover model associated with the brand. That’s how selective we were with our team!

What does a promo model do/what type of events?

A promotional model would be suited to the following events:
– Music Videos
– Fashion Shows
– Liquor Samplings
– Bar/Club Promotions
– Special Events
– Hostessing
– Trade Shows
– Booth Hosting
– Sampling Programs
– Conferences and Conventions
– Events for Sports Marketing
– Retail Marketing Programs
– And much more!

How would your company benefit from the use of a promo models Toronto at your next event?
Promotional models add a real life experience to your brand. It is a way for consumers to directly interact with the brand and have a live model that embodies the brands image while articulating the brand’s message. There is no better way to deliver a message, create buzz, or generate leads than with live talent spreading your message!

Promotional models can work alongside sales representatives to draw attention to your store location, booth, etc. It’s important to know what type of look you require to accurately demonstrate your brand and build relationships with the public. Once you know what you are looking for, the staffing agency can compile a selection of available promotional models for you to choose from. Often client’s contact us to know who is available for an event – but with over 1,200 talented staff on our roster, it’s next to impossible to keep a running tab on everyone’s availability. As such, event to event, we start fresh and collect availability to ensure the candidates we submit are accurate, up to date and 110% available.

Why Tigris?

The men and women we interview must be educated enough to sound articulate while conveying the brands message. Our promo models are almost like salespeople. They catch your attention with their looks and use that opportunity to educate potential consumers. Our promo models Toronto know it is their duty to not only look the part, but to also speak the part. Our Promo Models Toronto are able to obtain your brands message and deliver it in an appealing way. Consumers are more likely to remember your brand when they have interacted with a promotional model.

Promo Models Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and all across Canada!

Our roster in Toronto alone includes over 500 promo staff, and expands nationally in places like Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary. We have trained management in each area that conduct interviews for Tigris bi-monthly. Our CEO Serena Schwab takes the time to conduct almost every interview we host in Toronto so she knows her team and is comfortable with those our representing our client’s.

By hiring promotional models through Tigris, you eliminate the need to bring in your own staff and eliminate costs such as travel and accommodations. The promotional staff with be trained with a detailed protocol, and in some cases for more intensive training, a member from our head office will be on site to lead and train the team. You will not need to have anyone on site from your company if you choose not to! Companies like Canadian Tire, L’Occitiane, PMA Agencies, Labatt, Rogers, Zoom Media, Taste of Nature, Krista Slack and Molson have all benefited from the use of our outstanding promotional models. Join the company we keep 🙂

To learn more about why Tigris stands out among all other promo companies in Toronto, give us a call at 647-286-9392 ! We would love to discuss providing our exceptional promotional models for you next promo model Toronto event and look forward to hearing from you.

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