2015 09 12 Wonderlist Brand Ambassador Street Team at Leafs Fan Fest

2015 09 14 to 20 Brand Ambassadors for a Large Scale Event
September 23, 2015
2015 09 12 to 13 Retail Events with Experienced Brand Ambassadors
September 23, 2015

Our Wonderlist brand ambassador street team was at the Air Canada Centre for the Leafs Fan Fest Sept. 12-13. They were responsible for hosting the Toronto Star/Wonderlist booth and engaging with fans to subscribe to Wonderlist for their chance to win 1 of 41 pairs of Wonderlist Leafs Seasons Tickets! The team also gave away other promotional prizing such as hand sanitizer and chap stick.

Guests were extremely eager to sign up for their chance to win such a valuable prize. Our team was able to gain hundreds of subscriptions to Wonderlist and guests were excited to learn more about the subscription.  The line-up never ended and our BA’s successfully entered over 1,300 new people into Wonderlist.

When building a consumer base, it’s important to appear where your target demographic will be. Toronto Star/ Wonderlist have been appearing with our brand ambassador street team across Toronto at high traffic events all summer long.

Are you looking for an innovative way to capture your audiences attention? Put some Tigris brand ambassadors in charge, and they will create a memorable experience for your potential and current consumers. If you need assistance with an experiential marketing campaign, we are able to assist with that as well. Tigris has staff in over 15 markets across Canada including Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. Give us a call at 647-286-9392 or email us at [email protected] for a free quote on our services.