2017 04 08 to 09 Vancouver Trade Show Staff for Healthy Crunch at CHFA West

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2017 04 07 to 08 Interactive Retail Promotion
April 17, 2017
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April 13, 2017
Vancouver Trade Show Staff

Our Vancouver Trade Show Staff hosted a booth for Healthy Crunch at CHFA West Apr. 8-9. Healthy Crunch is locally made by local farmers and proudly made in Canada.

The Healthy Crunch Company makes artisanal (made in a traditional or non-mechanized way) kale snacks. Their big kale chips are big in flavour, big on crunch and big on love.

Vancouver Trade Show Staff Promote Healthy Kale Chips

During the activation, our team was to set-up the booth, keep it tidy. refill the sample bowls, and hand out samples to consumers. They promoted the kale chips and engaged with consumers,  ultimately selling the product. The response was positive, and they ran out of samples quite quickly! Below are a few participant testimonials:

  • “I love kale chips, but I’ve never seen this brand!”
  • “I make kale chips at home but they never taste this good and they don’t have as much substance as these.”
  • I’ve always wanted to try kale chips but they’re usually so expensive, these are a great price!”

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