2016 12 17 to 18 Vancouver Survey Staff

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December 21, 2016
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2016 12 17 to 19 Outdoor Holiday Promotion
December 21, 2016
Vancouver Survey Staff

Tigris supplied Vancouver survey staff to execute AdBar Surveys in association with Retail Media Group. In addition to Vancouver, our brand ambassadors conducted market research at two grocery stores in Calgary and Winnipeg. 

Retail Media Group began with the invention and launch of the revolutionary product AdBar™ grocery dividers. These grocery dividers offer a simple yet highly effective audience medium which leverages the massive traffic at grocery stores. 

Vancouver Survey Staff Execute Market Research Surveys 

Onsite, our team was to interview 100 shoppers per grocery store. The staff are able to effectively engage with shoppers to conduct the quick interview. Because of their personalities and knowledge, our brand ambassadors are extremely effective in completing 100+ surveys in under 2 hours. 

Learn more about our field market researchers and how they can collect quality data. In addition, our team is enthusiastic and upbeat, while remaining neutral and unbiased about a brand or company. Contact Tigris today for a free quote on our nationwide event staffing services.

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