2017 07 09 Vancouver Mascot for ChizComm

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2017 07 09 Street Team Flyering
July 25, 2017
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July 19, 2017
Vancouver mascot

Tigris was contacted by Chizcomm to provide 1 mascot & handler for an event at Toys “R” Us in Langley, BC.  The mascot was Jett from Super wings. 

Super Wings follows the adventures of an adorable jet plane named Jett, who travels around the world delivering packages to children. On every delivery, Jett encounters new problems that he must solve with the help of his friends the “Super Wings”– Dizzy, Jerome and Donnie – who together, explore different countries and learn the diversity of new cultures. 

Vancouver Mascot & Handler at Toys “R” Us 

The mascot was responsible for interacting with guests, taking photos and entertaining the kids. Did you know that mascots don’t speak? Jett was interacting with people by giving a thumbs up and waving. The handler was responsible for assisting the mascot to get into their costume and out during breaks. In addition, the handler engages with the guests and assists with taking photos. 

The atmosphere was energetic and enthusiastic. The store was very busy and many of the people there came specifically to see characters. Some were not aware of the event prior to arriving and they were pleasantly surprised. Below are a few testimonials:

  • “We didn’t know you would be here; this is great!” 
  • “I love Super Wings!” 
  • “Jett must be here to deliver packages! Yay!”
  • “My nieces and nephews love paw patrol, and Jett the plane, they will be so excited to know that I got a photo with them!”
  • “Wow, that’s Jett from super wings; he’s a great character! We love him!”
  • “He’s so happy (referring to Jett), and he loves to give high-fives!”

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