2016 05 07 to 06 04 Two Bears Coffee Demo

Montreal Golf Tournament
June 14, 2016
2016 06 03 Vancouver Promo Model
June 8, 2016

Tigris provided a team of female sales staff to represent Two Bears Coffee at a coffee demo across Ontario and British Columbia. Our team was responsible for purchasing all supplies (table cloth and 1oz sample cups) and sampling the product independently at various stores.

What is cold brew coffee? Cold brewing coffee produces a unique flavour that differs from your ordinary cup of coffee. When coffee is made with hot water, oils and acids are released that become noticeably bitter when served cold. With the cold brew method, no hot water is used, so the resulting cup of coffee is well-rounded and balanced.

All of Two Bears Coffee products contain no added sugar, are all natural, use direct trade coffee beans, and are 75% less bitter than traditional coffee. Our team sampled the three flavours: Original, Hazelnut Sea Salt, and Sweet Cacao. Currently the Two Bears Cold Brew Coffee product line is available in 12oz ready to drink bottle and 4 litre boxes of cold brew coffee. The ready to drink bottles are great for those on the go and boxes of coffee are perfect for home, office or the cottage.

Our team will continue the coffee demo and sell this Canadian product across Canada all summer. Look out for Two Bears Coffee at a store near you, or shop online.