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2017 03 07 GRYD Incorporates Virtual Reality at Trade Shows
March 14, 2017
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March 10, 2017

Did you know Trade Show Staffing Agencies Toronto can provide turnkey staffing solutions? Grace Kennedy Foods came to Tigris with a list of Toronto trade shows for 2017. We reached out to our team who met the criteria and trained a group of brand ambassadors on the products. Many of the staff had previously worked trade shows with Grace, so they had lots of experience! 

By booking early and training a group of brand ambassadors, that core group can rotate shifts within each show. This way they are comfortable and confident selling the product. Along with making sales and engaging with consumers, our team is able to set up and tear down the booth for each show.

Trade Show Staffing Agencies Toronto Provide Sales Savvy Staff

The first show of Grace Kennedy’s season was the Toronto Bicycle Show. Although Grace does not sell bikes, they sell healthy products that cyclists enjoy. At the show, our team sold out of cases of coconut water. Talk about a success!

Up next is the Yoga and Conference Show Mar. 31-Apr.2. Be sure to stop by to see our team in action! 

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