2016 11 11 to 12 Toronto Trade Show Support

Vancouver Street Team
2016 11 10 to 17 Vancouver Street Team
November 28, 2016
Toronto Trade Show Staff
2016 11 11 to 12 Toronto Trade Show Staff for Condor Security
November 16, 2016
Toronto Trade Show Support

Do you require Toronto Trade Show Support? Whether you provide a service or a product, your company can benefit from trade show staffing. Tigris provided staff for two clients at the ACMO Condo Conference Nov. 11-12, including Canadian Restorations.

Canadian Restorations is a service-based graffiti removal, building maintenance and power washing company serving the GTA. This client specifically asked for one energetic, outgoing and engaging event staff to assist with hosting their booth. Throughout each day, our staff was to engage with show attendees and distribute promotion materials. In addition, she assisted with lead generation and tidiness of the booth.

Below are a few testimonials from guests at the trade show:

  • β€œWe have used you (Canadian restoration GTA) before and have really liked the work you do!”
  • β€œYou are very knowledgeable about the company!”

In addition, our promotional model was to walk around the show and encourage guests to visit the booth.

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