2014 11 07 to 08 Toronto Promo Models at Trade Show for Condor Security

2014 11 07 to 09 Energetic Events Staff for Taste of Nature at NWS Toronto
November 25, 2014
2014 10 03 to 11 15 Phasion Estates Wine Sampling
November 25, 2014

On Nov. 7th and 8th, Tigris supplied two Toronto promo models to work with Condor Security Inc. at the 18th Annual Condominium Conference and Trade Show. Condor Security Inc. is a private security company providing security solutions, services and training in the Greater Toronto Area. The company was attending as an exhibitor at the conference and our Toronto promo models were responsible for several aspects of the booth throughout the two days.

Our promotional models were dressed in classy black cocktail dresses and black stiletto heels. They maintained the Condor Security booth by restocking and distributing promotional items, serving Nespresso and ensuring the area was tidy. Along with maintenance, our Toronto promo models were responsible for gaining leads for the company. They interacted with guests at the trade show and made note of which guests were interested in setting up meetings with Condor Security. Our promotional models were required to attend an in-depth training session so they became experts on the company.

After the conference, our promotional models and head office staff were invited to attended a Verbal Judo class. Verbal Judo is a highly effective communication system originally developed for police officers to peacefully de-escalate situations and resolve conflicts through empathy and subtle communications tactics. This training can also be useful for everyday situations, dealing with frustrated customers, and even friends! It is important to know how to effectively communicate so a situation can be handled effectively and efficiently.