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Tigris is one of the Toronto Event Staffing Agencies that has been around the longest – 13 years! We pride ourselves on our growing relationships with our clients. Currently, we work with Starshot to provide staff for their HP Canada Events. On March 28-30, our team provided Toronto brand ambassadors for the HP Spectre Launch at Ryerson and York University.

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Onsite, our team was to showcase the HP Spectre laptop by promoting the HP Spectre to university students to shift perceptions of HP and increase brand affinity. In addition to having the product onsite, a contest to win a Spectre x360 occurred each day and a DJ was present to assist in drawing a crowd. HP branded merchandise (3-in-1 pens) was also provided to students as an incentive for engaging with the HP Spectre set up.

The event was extremely engaging and attracted many students. Below are a few participant testimonials: 

  • “I am always keeping up to date with the latest technology. Recently I spent time researching
    the HP Spectre 360 and I was very impressed. Now that I’m seeing it I would love to own one!”
  • “I have the previous model (the 2016 version of the 360) and it’s a really good laptop!”
  • “I want this laptop! If I don’t win it, I’m going to buy it!”
  • “It’s so light.”
  • “I love how it can be used as a tablet as well.”
  • “It’s really sleek looking.”
  • “I love that HP created such a student targeted event. With such a small number of people, I
    actually have a huge change of winning the laptop. It really shows that HP actually wants to
    give away a laptop!”

If you’re looking for a Toronto Event Staffing Agencies to create, plan and staff your event, contact Tigris today. We operate nationwide across Canada with over 2,000 events staff on our roster. 

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