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Have you heard of WTFest, a music and arts festival? This event is held at Lions Park in Brantford, Ontario. The line up is full of popular artists including Our Lady Peace, Treble Charger and Sumo Cyco. In addition, 12 local bands perform throughout the day. Our app marketing events staff was on site July 29th engaging with festival goers to promote Token Mobile.

What is Token Mobile? This app allows users to search and connect with vendors at an event and pay right from their phone. This eliminates the need for cash completely. In addition, users have access to special discounts and Wi-Fi. To promote the app, Token Mobile is attending various festivals across Ontario to engage with their target demographic. 

App Marketing Events Staff Create Brand Awareness 

Onsite, our festival street team roamed the venue encouraging guests to check out the app on an iPad, and ultimately download the app for their own personal use. Many were extremely interested in learning more about Token Mobile. Our team was dressed to impress in branded shirts and hats, organised by Tigris. The bright white was hard to miss in a sea of people. 

Guests were interested in learning more about the app. Below are a few testimonials:

  • “Way better than standing in ticket line.”
  • “I like that it reimburses unused tokens.”
  • “That’s a really good idea!”
  • “This is so much better being able to restock on my tokens in here (VIP lounge), instead of going out of my way to the lineup. I think it’s a great concept, great potential for this startup company.”
  • “Thanks for your help, you were really good at explaining how this app works.”

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