2015 06 19 to 21 Brand Ambassadors Promote Tiger Towel Summer Tour!

2015 06 12 to 14 Event Staff Promote Wonderlist at the Honda Indy!
June 26, 2015
2015 06 14 Johnsonville Event Staff at the Coquitlam Teddy Bear Picnic
June 26, 2015

From June 19-21, Tigris brand ambassadors teamed up with Six Degrees Communications to promote Tiger Towel (an Irving Consumer product) at the Beach BBQ & Brews Festival in Toronto! Tigris selected 13 of our most enthusiastic brand ambassadors to take part in the Tiger Towel Summer Tour which will be extending through to early July, and so far, we’re loving it!

During the Beach BBQ & Brews Fest, our personable brand ambassadors pumped up the crowd for Royale Tiger Towel through an interactive, informative, engaging and memorable activation. They communicated key product messaging and delivered a premium brand experience for Tiger Towel’s target customers. Our brand ambassadors have been doing an excellent job with this exciting promotion, and were specifically hand picked because of their expertise, enthusiasm, and approachable personalities!

Tigris brand ambassadors provided high-level brand and product information and key messaging, encouraged consumers to participate in the Scrub & Win game, provided coupons to all consumers who visited their booth, and also provided crowd control. All in all, these energetic brand ambassadors educated, entertained, and excited customers while promoting Tiger Towel!

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