2017 01 14 Super Bowl Events with Labatt Promo Models

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January 24, 2017
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January 12, 2017
Super Bowl Events

The Super Bowl is one of the most highly watched televised sporting events in the world. To promote the big game, our Labatt promo models are hosting a series of Super Bowl Events. These events are at various pubs around Ontario. This isn’t our first time hosting a series of Super Bowl Events for Labatt. We’ve been providing promotional models to this client for the past 5 years!

As we all know, football and beer go hand in hand. Our Labatt promo models promoted Bud and Bud Light to guests at Riley’s Pub on Jan. 14th. Promoting a beer product is easy when you’ve got gorgeous girls giving away free samples! Guests were eager to engage with the staff. Most of all, they had a great time interacting with them to win prizes. 

Super Bowl Events With Prizes, Trivia & More!

Every quarter of the game, the staff went around and asked trivia questions. Whoever won the trivia, received a small prize and a ballot. Questions revolved around Budweiser, Riley’s Pub and the NFL. The promo models drew out names during each quarter and also answered questions from customers. The event was very social so they spent time interacting with the customers, as well as handing out ballots. 

In addition to small prizes, a grand prize was given away for 2 lucky individuals to watch the game, live! This includes airfare, hotels and delicious meals. Our team was on site when the grand prize was announced to ensure the winners were celebrated. If you plan on watching the game at home, there are several ways to watch the big game online.

Are you hosting Super Bowl events? The big day is less than 2 weeks away! Our team can plan or staff your Super Bowl Event. Contact Tigris for a free quote on our promotional models to ensure game day is a success. We operate nationwide with over 2,000 promo models and brand ambassadors on our roster. 

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