2015 04 13 to 04 14 Sun-Rype Brand Expert at Grocery Showcase West Vancouver

2015 05 03 Toronto Experiential Marketing Campaign for Brita
June 26, 2015
2015 04 11 to 04 12 Coco Libre Guerilla Street Sampling at CHFA Vancouver
June 26, 2015

Our beautiful promotional model and brand expert Eliza assisted Sun-Rype with a sampling at the Grocery Showcase West Show in Vancouver April 13 & 14.

Grocery Showcase West provides business and networking opportunities, education & workshops, and trend spotting for guests. As an exhibitor at this trade show, Sun-Rype was able to  have two‐way communication with the independent grocery chains in the west, especially since they are a very large part of their business. It was a great opportunity to  showcase some of their new products and provides some great dialogue with new and old customers. 

Eliza was reponsible for sampling and  distributing a combination of chilled products including: Apple juice, Fruit and Veggie products, Fruit active products, variety of fruit juices and active bars. Did you know that  Sun‐Rype Products are 100% natural? There are no artificial colours or preservatives and all sugar in the product are naturally occurring fruit sugars.

Our promotional model made over 1,000 brand impressions on behalf of Sun-Rype throughout the trade show; many guests thought she was a Sun-Rype sales rep due to her intensive knowledge of the products! Eliza was quite the brand expert.

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