2014 10 19 & 24 Promoting Golden Temple at Special Events in Toronto

2014 10 22 CDW Canada Business Technology Expo
October 31, 2014
2014 10 18 Outdoor Promotion for Taste of Nature at Evergreen Brickworks
October 31, 2014

When planning a promotion for your product, it is extremely important to know when and where your target demographic will be! Dyversity Communications, in association with Golden Temple, executed a promotion on specific dates where they knew their target demographic would be to achieve the best results.

On Sun., Oct 19th and Fri., Oct 24th Tigris supplied 2 brand ambassadors to host a 10 x 10 booth and promote an array of Golden Temple products by distributing promotion flyers and giveaways to visitors and talking about the brand. The event was held at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Toronto.

The special events included large firework displays on the 19th, and the Diwali & Annkut celebrations on the 24th, which is the largest Annkut festival in Canada. Our events staff distributed over 2,000 samples and relayed key points of the brand to over  2.500 guests at the event! Guests were excited to participate in a draw to win over several different Golden Temple gift baskets. Many guests were so excited to see their favourite brand at the event, that they gave our brand ambassadors tips and tricks on how to make specific recipes with their products!