2018 03 24 Sampling Promotions with CanDisPro

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2018 03 24 Condor Security CCI Toronto
April 11, 2018
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2018 03 19 to 22 Toronto Event Support for Drive Maven
March 26, 2018

About the Event

To support brand awareness and sales, CanDisPro executes sampling promotions across Ontario with trained brand ambassadors. The samplings include an attractive booth display and fresh samples of multiple products to drive trial and awareness. One sampling staff independently executes the promotion. 

Sampling Promotions 

Tigris provided 3 sampling staff to sample and sell Ferrer and Torres products at Denninger’s March 24. Staff were responsible for setting up the booth, creating an attractive product display, and tearing down the booth.

Staff Testimonials

  • “The majority weren’t familiar with the brand till we started sampling. However, there were a of couple guests who stopped and told me that they discovered this product on a previous sampling activation. They have been regular customers of the chips ever since! They were so satisfied with the product, that they kept telling customers that were walking by to try them and that they were phenomenal.”
  • “Most people were very intrigued that the product was from Spain. Overall, they enjoyed the samples.”
  • “Everyone was excited about the variety of products available.”

The Client

CanDisPro is an importer and distributor specializing in Spanish Cuisine.  As a Canadian owned and operated family business, they deliver superior personalized service to every customer they work with and pride themselves on their exclusive range of traditional healthy product.