2016 09 28 to 10 06 Professional Events Staff for Kijiji Dealer Talks

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Professional Events Staff

Some of our clients require professional events staff for the same event, occurring in multiple cities. This was the case with the Kijiji Dealer Talk, in association with YellowHouse Events. Lucky for our client, Tigris has large rosters of dynamic events staff in over 15 major markets across Canada!

Because Tigris has staff in both Montreal and Calgary, we were able to provide a team local to each event. At the Kijiji Dealer Talk in Calgary and Montreal, two staff dressed as Pit Crew in order to direct guests into their assigned conference rooms. In addition, five members of the team were assigned as greeters to register guests upon arrival. There were also staff positioned at the Kijiji booth, where they were to hand out K-way jackets to attendees at the end of the event.

Throughout the event, our team was onsite to answer any and all questions posed by guests. Because our staff was onsite for extra support, the event ran smoothly.

Professional Events Staff Across Canada

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