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Tigris provided 2 professional events staff Toronto to assist CN at the ROMA Conference Jan. 21-22, held at the Sheraton Centre Hotel.

CN (Canadian National Railway) takes pride in being regarded internationally as one of the best performing transportation and logistics companies. Their commitment is to create value for both customers and shareholders by deepening customer engagement. It’s crucial for the participation at ROMA, a conference that addresses rural priorities. 

Fun Fact: ROMA (Rural Ontario Municipal Association) hosted its first rural municipal conference in 1934! It’s been an important tradition for more than 65 years to ensure rural priorities are understood and addressed.

Professional Events Staff Toronto Collect Informative Data from Guests

Onsite, our professional events staff Toronto were responsible for administering CN’s survey on iPads. The survey took about two minutes to answer. Along with encouraging survey participation, our staff answered any questions guests may have had, gave out flyers and free swag!

Throughout the course of the two days, our team was able to receive 200+ completed surveys. Are you looking to capture data at your next event? Contact Tigris today! We operate nationwide across Canada and are expanding throughout the US.

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