2015 07 20 Private Party Hostesses for Iron Chef Dinner Party

2015 07 13 to 26 Edmonton Brand Ambassadors for Brewster Travel Canada
August 4, 2015
2015 07 14 to 16 Helpling Sales Staff
July 23, 2015

Two of our personable and professional hostesses worked an exciting event in Toronto on July 20, serving wine & food for one of our client’s private parties – specifically, an annual Iron Chef Dinner Party. During the event, there were different segments for ‘cook off’s’ every 45 minutes. From steak to lava cakes, there was so much delicious food! Our event staff were on their feet all night ensuring that everything was prepared, dishes were cleaned, and wine glasses were topped off. Our outgoing hostesses had a great time mingling with guests and ensuring that everyone had a great time!

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