2014 07 04 to 26 Calgary Stampede Lassos in PMA Promo Models for Sampling!

2014 07 09 to 07 30 Tigris Brand Ambassadors Sample Taste of Nature at Fresh Wednesdays
August 14, 2014
2014 06 02 to 30 CGC Brand Ambassadors Wrap Up Month 2 of #MudTour2014
August 14, 2014

What comes to mind when we throw the words ‘Calgary’, ‘country’, and ‘festival’ at you? Most likely, the Calgary Stampede pops into your head!

The Calgary Stampede was born in 1912 with the core purpose to preserve and promote western heritage and values.  The Stampede contributes to the quality of life in Calgary and southern Alberta through the world-famous 10-day festival.

Throughout these 10 days, there are various events and shows taking place to offer a unique experience for guests. You’ve most likely seen photos of our beautiful promo models sampling various alcohol products for PMA. The ladies had the chance this year to be part of the Stampede excitement by sampling both Appleton Rum & American Honey at The Commons and Bookers inside the Stampede grounds.

Our promo models threw away their usual heals and skirts, and dressed up in daisy dukes and cowboy boots! Appearances included:

Fri., Jul. 4 Appleton Rum sampling at The Commons in Calgary
Sat., Jul. 5 American Honey sampling at Bookers in Calgary
Weds., Jul. 9 American Honey sampling at Bookers in Calgary
Weds., Jul. 9 Appleton Rum sampling at Pattisso in Calgary
Thurs., Jul. 10 American Honey sampling at Melrose (Cowboys Casino) in Calgary

And to wrap it up, we also had two of our lovely ladies sampling American Honey at Turner Valley Golf Club on Sat., July 26th!

In total, 2,375 brand impressions were made and the promo models handed out over 1, 860 samples were handed out at the 2 events!