2017 02 22 to 23 Facebook Photo Activation

Toronto Canada Trade Show Staff
2017 02 26 to 28 Toronto Canada Trade Show Staff
March 9, 2017
beer sampling staffing
2017 02 03 to 25 Beer Sampling Staffing for Great Western Brewery
February 27, 2017

Have you ever seen a real life emoji? For a Facebook photo-activation, life-size emojis were used as props. Sad, happy, or laughing, you pick your mood! 

The photo-activation was led by a Tigris brand ambassador. She encouraged guests to take a photo with the branded backdrop. In addition to taking photos, guests were to download the Boomerang app to take a ‘motion’ picture. Almost everyone wanted to jump into the ball pit – because who doesn’t love an adult playgroud?

Interactive Photo-Activation with Props and Backdrops

There are multiple places to host a photo booth. Tradeshows, malls, outdoors, you name it! Although some may be shy, you’ll soon see a lineup. Because once one person is seen participating, more will follow. This specific activation was held at a conference. In between meetings and lectures, guests had the option to take a photo at the unique activation.

Are you looking to incorporate an experiential component into your next event? In addition to staffing events, our team can create and plan concepts for your event. As a result, we can assist with your event start to finish. 

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