2014 08 24 Mr. Fix Mascot Appearance at the BC Lions game!

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January 16, 2015
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December 30, 2014

Tigris worked hand in hand with Cundari, in association with BC Lions & Fix Auto, to provide an outgoing brand ambassador to be dressed as the Mr. Fix mascot at the BC Lions game! We also provided a brand ambassador to work as a handler (aka cute body guard) ย to participate in the pre-game “street party” and to act as a photographer during the mascot soccer” game. He was also the mascot’s personal paparazzi! ย The events took place on August 24th and and October 11th at the Terry Box Plaza and BC Stadium in Vancouver. Our Mr.Fix mascot and photographer promoted the clients brand and services at the BC Lions pre-game street party, as well as during the half-time show.

The mascot was a huge success with children at the game, who repeatedly wanted to hug him! At the second event, guests recognized the mascot and were excited to see him again and eager to pose for photographs. Our brand ambassadors also distributed coupons and made over 2,000 brand impressions. This was a fun and exciting promotion, and our friendly, approachable staff had a blast taking part in the BC Lions celebrations!