2016 05 12 to 14 Market Research Study in Alberta

2016 05 17 to 18 Toronto Trade Show Staff
May 24, 2016
2016 05 12 Athletic Promotional Models
May 19, 2016

Tigris provided a team of brand ambassadors to conduct a market research survey for Trigger, in association with Alberta Health Services (AHS). AHS was looking to collect consumer feedback on a series of campaign ads targeted toward bringing awareness to sexually transmitted infections.

As Market Researchers, our team was required to engage people within the targeted groups outside various bars/pubs to ask for their participation in completing an anonymous survey. AHS analyzed the data collected from respondents and placed the winning campaign into market May 20th!

Tigris provided a team 6 market research survey staff in Calgary and Edmonton to execute the program from May 12th to 14th. Each team was provided with clipboards, pens, copies of the campaign ads as well as the surveys. Tigris was careful to select mature, responsible staff for this specific promotion.

Participants found the advertisements quote enjoyable – there was a lot of laughter at the unexpected affiliation with such a serious issue inputted into trendy, fun, creative ads.

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