2018 08 31 Hitman 2 at FanExpo Canada

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2018 09 06 to 09 TERRA Sampling at TIFF
September 27, 2018
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2018 08 31 to 09 01 Kid’s Zone at Richmond World Fest
September 27, 2018

Warner Bros. Games is celebrating the forthcoming release of Hitman 2 at FanExpo Canada. FanExpo is Canada’s largest show for all things comics, horror, gaming and more. Hitman 2 is currently available for pre-order. At the show, our male promotional model was the main subject of a special video developed for social media. The video follows his journey (as Agent 47) that also reflects the consumer journey at the show. Our staff shaved his head specifically for this event!

A barcode was tattooed (with airbrush) on the back of his head to unlock a special discount at the EB Games booth.  This video was published on WB Games channels exclusively to help promote the activity that was and further build buzz for the pre-order window of the game.

Throughout the event, our staff engaged with over 1,000 guests! They were amazed by his lifelike costume and excited to pose for pictures. 

Are you looking for a special character to bring your booth to life? In addition to brand ambassadors, we provide mascots as well! Contact Tigris today for more information. 

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