2018 09 29 Hold It High Campaign

Concert Series (1)
2018 10 09 to 16 RIFF Concert Series
October 26, 2018
Social Media Street Activation
2018 10 12 to 27 Legacy Social Media Street Activation
October 25, 2018

Deck Agency approached Tigris to provide 6 bearded male bartenders to assist with mixing drinks, a toasting booth, and bussing at their J.P. Wiser’s event.

The male bartenders were provided with J.P. Wiser’s branded shirts and a flannel shirt to be paired with their own denim jeans. The event took place in an alleyway/lot at 369 Queen St. W. in downtown Toronto.

The event ran smoothly and was a success with approximately 1,000 attendees throughout the evening! Guests were invited to try an Old Fashioned and make a toast to their friends for the #HoldItHighCampaign. Below are a few guest testimonials: 

  • “You guys are the best.”
  • “Nice shirts boys!”
  • “I can’t believe they transformed this vacant place into such a nice bar!”
  • “I like this, it tastes so good!”
  • “This isn’t the first pre-mixed old fashioned that I’ve tried, but it’s definitely the best!”

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