2018 04 16 to 18 Drive Maven Lead Generation Activation

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2018 04 19 to 21 Breander Trailers Booth Designing
May 1, 2018
Toronto trade show staffing
2018 04 13 to 15 Toronto Trade Show Staffing with Grace
May 1, 2018

Lead Generation Activation for Drive Maven 

To increase awareness and new users, Maven attended several networking events in Toronto April 16-18.

Tigris provided events staff for Carat, to promote Maven, a new car sharing app backed by General Motors. Our brand ambassadors engaged with guests to increase brand awareness and walk them through the registration process of becoming a Maven member. New members were given branded swag as a special promotion.

Participant Testimonials

  • “So what is Maven,  I see you guys are everywhere?”
  • “I love it! I sold my car last month and need something like this.”
  • “This is way cheaper than Car2go.”
  • “I’ve heard of you guys before on social media, it’s a great idea.”

The Client

Carat is a Global Media Network, and the market leader in digital and diversified media solutions.

“Maven is the smart and seamless way to connect with the people, places and moments that matter to you. Get There Smarter. Car sharing should make it easy for you to get there and back. In the newest cars. With the latest technologies. And the best prices. With Maven that’s what you get” (Maven).