2018 09 07 Auto Trader Golf Tournament

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2018 09 08 to 09 Luxury & Supercar Weekend 
September 27, 2018
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2018 09 06 to 09 TERRA Sampling at TIFF
September 27, 2018

Trader Corporation is hosting a golf tournament in Nova Scotia to honour their top clients and corporate staff! This event is held at River Oaks Golf Club, September 7. Onsite, our Halifax promotional models are responsible for handing out food and drinks, as well as engaging with clients and corporate staff. 

Event staff were stationed at a key area of the golf course in a branded Trader Corporation tent. The staff served pulled pork sandwiches and cocktails to Trader Corporation employees and their clients. Tigris staff mentioned that it was “a perfect, sunny September day” – ideal for golfing! Below are a few guest testimonials: 

  • “This Arnold Palmer is so delicious and refreshing!”
  • “This weather is perfect for golfing.”
  • “What a great event – I’ve definitely had more stressful days in the office!”

Are you looking for Halifax promotional models? In addition to Halifax, we operate nationwide across Canada. Our largest markets are Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. 

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