2016 09 20 to 24 Experiential Mall Promotion

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2016 09 23 to 24 Trade Show Staffing
October 20, 2016
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2016 09 20 to 10 05 Corporate Event Staffing for CBRE
October 19, 2016

Have you ever seen an experiential mall promotion? Our Toronto brand ambassadors hosted an experiential mall promotion for Dufferin Mall, in association with Grassroots Advertising.

The team was to engage customers at various locations downtown Toronto to raise awareness for the #BeAwesome anti-bullying campaign at Dufferin Mall on Sept. 24th. Free giveaways and flyers were handed out to drive traffic to the mall for the event. The event showcased motivational speakers against bullying and various performances. This topic is especially relevant in our digital age.

In addition, those who received giveaways were also encouraged to take photos for social media using the hashtag #BeAwesome. Almost everyone was eager to take a photo and participate in the anti-bullying movement. Seems like everyone is ready for a change!

Because social media was a large component of the activation, it was easy to track engagement. This was done through the #BeAwesome hashtag.

Experiential Mall Promotion with Dynamic Events Staff

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