2005 11 05 to 11 18 Moto ROKR Event Marketing Program

2005 12 09 Event Planning for the 2nd Annual Tigris Christmas Party
May 2, 2013
2005 10 28 to 10 29 Event Staffing Representation for Sun-Rype
May 2, 2013

Tigris scheduled and trained 8 brand ambassadors to execute an impressive event marketing campaign for the Motorola ROKR handset in conjunction with the new Madonna album.

The events staff were communicated messaging about Motorola’s ROKR phone, including its features and sales points. This event marketing program incorporated the launch of Madonna’s new album, which was loaded on the ROKR to demonstrate the phones iTunes features. Even cooler, Tigris events staff were scheduled in teams of two and driven around in a branded stretch excursion limousine to attract attention and engage the public with demonstrations of the phones and to distribute flyers to enter an online contest to win a ROKR phone.

This event marketing campaign concluded with the Santa Claus parade which involved continued demonstrations of the ROKR phones, as well as inviting the general public to make a long-distance phone call, compliments of Motorola in the spirit of the Christmas season. The Tigris team encountered thousands of people throughout the duration of the program and engaged them to sample Madonna’s music and make complimentary long-distance phone calls!