2018 11 16 Dufferin Mall Santa’s Arrival

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November 29, 2018
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November 29, 2018

The Dufferin Mall Event required Tigris to provide staffing support for Santa’s Arrival. Onsite, our team was to encourage guests to play large size games including Connect Four, Operation and Arcade Bowling. In addition, they were to manage a photo booth activation/contest to win a $100 Dufferin Mall gift card.

Consumers and their children loved participating in the on-site games. The adults got sentimental since some of the games, they would play as kids themselves. In addition, there was usually a line for the games! Below are a few guest testimonials: 

  • “This big Battleship game is cool; I play it at home.”
  • “This is so good of Dufferin Mall to do this for families.”
  • “My kid enjoyed all the games, it’s great they were free.”
  • “Thanks for letting me know about the contest!”
  • “This is great for the kids!” 

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