2018 06 08 to 26 Teriyaki Experience Store Promotions

Edmonton Photo Booth Activation
2018 06 09 ENMAX Edmonton Pride Photo Booth Activation
July 10, 2018
Calgary lead generation
2018 06 02 to 19 Chatterson Drive Seton Activation
July 9, 2018

Innovative Food Brands/Teriyaki Experience contacted Tigris to provide events staff to execute multiple customer appreciation events throughout June. 

Teriyaki Experience delivers fast, fresh and healthy Asian-inspired fast food to fulfill guest’s taste for great flavours and fast service. 

Creating a Memorable Customer Service Experience

The objective of the event is to inject new energy into the restaurant experience and help with simple tasks that elevate the customer service, as well as walk out during slow times to drive traffic to the restaurant. 

Our brand ambassadors were to elevate the energy and customer service experience by;

  • greeting customers
  • offering dine-in guests free green tea
  • serve food to customers
  • distribute spring roll coupons to increase traffic 

Below are a few guest testimonials: 

  • “Being able to have some complimentary green tea while I wait for my to-go order is a really nice way to pass the time!”
  • “I will look into placing an online order so I can take advantage of this coupon!”
  • “I work in one of the buildings in the surrounding area and I look forward to coming here every week!”
  • “Teriyaki Experience makes my favourite sushi!”

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