2017 10 27 to 29 The Chopped Leaf Customer Engagement Program

arena activation
2017 10 29 REC Media & Continental Tire Arena Activation at the Hershey Centre
November 24, 2017
Retail Store Grand Opening
2017 10 21 MINISO Retail Store Grand Opening
October 24, 2017

Looking for healthy, fast food? The Chopped Leaf provides delicious, hand crafted meals with exceptional timeliness for premium customer service. Their menu includes salads, rice bowls, and sandwiches. 

Tigris works with Innovative Food Brands to provide brand ambassadors for The Chopped Leaf. Onsite, our team engages with consumers and encourages them to complete a short survey. They are impossible to miss with their upbeat attitude. The customer engagement program consists our of team engaging with patrons to ‘Pick a Card to Win’ and handing out additional coupons. Consumers were eager to participate, as shown in their testimonials below:

  • “I recently tried Chopped Leaf and really enjoy it. I can see myself choosing Chopped Leaf more often.”
  • “This sounds like the alternative I’ve been looking for; I’ll have to try it.”
  • “I love Chopped Leaf, it’s basically the only place I ever want to go.”
  • “We actually ordered catering from CL recently and it was great. Will do it again for sure!”

Throughout the promotion, our team was able to engage with close to 200 customers. In addition, consumers loved Chopped Leaf’s message of making healthier eating accessible to everyone by passing out coupons, $10 gift cards and swag.

The Chopped Leaf offers nutritious filling food that makes healthier eating accessible and delicious to everyone. 

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