2012 07 11 to 21 Cirque du Soleil Events Staff Entertain the Public to Promote QUIDAM

2012 07 13 Tigris Events Staff Bartend at Cool Beer Brewery!
May 23, 2013
2012 07 07 Firstar Promotional Models Host Special Event
May 22, 2013

Tigris teamed up with Celsius Communications to plan a series of a street promotions for Cirque du Soleil. Tigris booked a team of 6 events staffย including 1 event management in Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and Lethbridge from Jul. 11-21 to execute a promotion for the new show QUIDAM. The teams engaged the public in a double dutch competition for the chance to win tickets and a clown nose. The team interacted with thousands of people in 2 days and distributed 12,000 flyers.