2016 05 20 to 21 Ontario Beer Sampling

2016 05 21 to 22 Large Event Staffing for Canadian Tire
June 1, 2016
2016 05 17 to 18 Toronto Trade Show Staff
May 24, 2016

Tigris Inc. has been contracted by Minhas Creek Brewing Company to sample their Boxer Gluten Free beer with potential customers at various Sobeys, FreshCo, & Safeway locations throughout Ontario. The primary goal of this program is sampling the beer with new customers and directly impact on-site sales during/following the tasting, as well as throughout the summer season.

Our team executed a beer sampling in various cities across Ontario including Peterborough, Richmond Hill, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Waterloo and Ancaster.

Boxer Gluten Free beer is a classic lager beer made from Sorghum with a twist – no gluten, so consumers with Celiac Disease are free to enjoy this beer. A lighter body is complemented by moderate hopping to make a crisp refreshing brew. The citrusy palate gives way to a light sweetness making this a very refreshing and drinkable Gluten Free Lager.

Below are a few consumer testimonials that participated in the beer sampling:

  •  “Wow, I can never stop for samples because I’m gluten intolerant, I’m so excited!”
  •  “This is as close to real beer as you can get without gluten.”
  •   “This is definitely one of the better gluten free beers.”
  • “Very light and refreshing.”
 Are you interested in executing a beer sampling? Tigris is able to assist in the major markets across Canada, as well as remote regions such as Thunder Bay, Ontario! Give us a call at 647-286-9392 or send an e-mail to [email protected] for a free, no-obligation quote on our event staffing services.