2017 03 04 Athletic Calgary Promo Staff

Victoria Event Staff
2017 03 04 Fleurs De Ville Victoria Event Staff
March 10, 2017
Toronto Canada Trade Show Staff
2017 02 26 to 28 Toronto Canada Trade Show Staff
March 9, 2017

What’s better than an all women’s workout? To promote Under Armour’s women’s line, an exclusive workout was hosted within Calgary’s Chinook Mall. Our athletic Calgary promo staff, alongside Olympic Boxer Mandy Bujold & TSN Anchor Kate Beriness, led 40 women in the training session. 

Register and participate for a chance to win Under Armour gear for a year; sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? In addition the grand prize, participants were given Under Armour shoes to wear during the training session. After the workout, participants were given a 20% coupon redeemable in stores that day.

Athletic Calgary Promo Staff Pump Up the Crowd

Decked out in the latest Under Armour gear, our team was easily identified by participants. Onsite, they were to distribute wristbands, hand out coupons, encourage participants and ensure participant safety. Before the event, the team was given a detailed training package outlining key messaging on the products and agenda for the day.

In addition to Calgary promotional models, Tigris operates nationwide across Canada. Whether you’re looking for staff that have a specific skill or speak a unique language, our diverse team will meet your needs. 

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