2013 09 13 to 20 AEJR Promotional Models Conduct September Samplings!

2013 09 17 CBRE Promotional Models @ Bell TIFF Lightbox!
October 3, 2013
2013 09 14 Promotional Models Give Guests a Fun Photo Opp for Pandell at the Toronto Oil & Gas Show
October 2, 2013

Tigris continued to host the fall sampling series for Appleton Rum throughout September with the following appearances in Calgary:

Mon., Sept. 16 at Scott Smed Tournament and Cottonwood Golf & Country Club
Thurs., Sept. 20 aAdrinx Full Moon Social at Broken City

In total, the promotional models interacted with over 820  consumers and distributed over 720 Appleton Rum samples.

Appearances in Toronto included:

Fri., Sept. 13 at The University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus)
Thurs., Sept. 19 at The University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus)
Fri., Sept. 20 at SPIN Toronto

Our local team interacted with over 800 consumers and distributed approximately 370 samples.