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App promotions cater to all types of initiatives. Did you know only 3-5% of GO passengers carpool to the GO station? This percentage is extremely low considering carpoolers enjoy many benefits. These include dedicated parking close to the station, saving money by shared gas costs and less stressful commutes!

The Carpool to GO project aims to promote carpooling as an option to commuters. In addition, the project aims to overcome the common barrier of not being able to find a carpool partner by providing information and support on the Smart Commute tool.

Educate Consumers With App Promotions

During morning rush hour between Jan. 9-19 at Rutherford & Maple GO stations, our Tigris team encouraged commuters to sign up for Smart Commute. They distributed hundreds of informative postcards. 

Furthermore, customers were encouraged to pledge to try carpooling at least once over the winter. Everyone who pledges is entered into a prize draw to win up to $100 in gift cards. 

Commuters were receptive to the idea of carpooling. Below are a few testimonials:

  • “More parking would encourage me to carpool. I can never find a spot when I try!”
  • “This is a great initiative”
  • “I normally walk, but if I could find people to carpool with that would be great.”

Overall, our brand ambassadors signed up close to 200 users! All staff were energetic in the morning despite the early mornings and worked well together. Are you interested in unique app promotions? Contact Tigris today to learn more about our experiential event planning and staffing services. 

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