Event Staffing Companies in Toronto

What Makes Tigris Stand Out Against Other Event Staffing Companies in Toronto?

There are a wide range of event staffing companies in Toronto to choose from. With a simple Google search, pages upon pages of options appear on your screen. This can get a little confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the industry. How do event staffing companies in Toronto, or any city for that matter, differ from each other? How do you narrow down your first choice?

If you’re not sure where to start, experience and reputation should be at the top of your list. Tigris has over ten years experience as one of the most reputable event staffing companies in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver & Montreal. While we have diversified our services over the past few years, at the core of our business is the quality of our team and the events staff.  We believe that our diverse roster of events staff is one of a kind, and we aim to provide exceptional talent that suits your brand while simultaneously building your business.

With this experience, we’ve come to understand that selecting the right events staff is a blend of a few factors. You need more than a bunch of pretty faces. Although aesthetics is a large component for brand image, we believe that events staff also have to have a great personality to match, are approachable, knowledgeable, and dependable. To delve into this a little further…

Aesthetics – once a booking has been approved, Tigris hand picks the prospective talent on our roster to reach out to based on the client’s requests and details of your event. Our clients are consistently pleased with our wide range of talent that includes promotional models, multicultural ambassadors and sales staff (to name a few). Before we bring anyone new on to our team, unlike a number of other event staffing companies in Toronto, our staff goes through an extensive screening process. Unfortunately photos can be misleading so we’ve found that absolutely nothing beats a face to face so we can gauge how people “really” look. We need to ensure that what you see is what you get before we send out any talent for their first booking.

Personality – our brand ambassadors are nothing if not friendly and approachable. To build buzz for any brand, we recognize the value of booking staff who are naturally outgoing and know how to get engage people at our events. Our team is comprised of well rounded individuals who have experience hosting, performing, serving, acting and entertaining. They possess all of the characteristics necessary to accurately represent your brand in a fun, interactive way.

Knowledgeable – there is nothing worse than the “I Don’t Know” Syndrome. As such, we arm our brand ambassadors with as much information as possible. After all, knowledge is power! We provide basic information to our staff when collecting availability to determine if they are interested in working, or not. Those that are selected to work are provided with a comprehensive training package outlining anything and everything they could possibly need to know so they can accurately and effectively communicate your key messaging during your event. Nothing else could be more important if you ask us!

Dependable – although our roster is large, we know our staff very well. Compared to many of our competitors, Tigris’ roster stands apart as one of the most reliable. In the instance someone does have a conflict, with at least an hour of notice, we have been able to cover the majority of cancellations with a suitable replacement. Of the thousands of staff we send out to work each year, we have a ratio of less than 0.002% unfilled positions. That’s pretty amazing if you ask us! Once they arrive onsite, staff have a point person to check in with – whether it’s a head office rep or an event manager. Post-event, staff provide valuable feedback so we can reflect on the program and make improvements moving forward. This way, we as well as our client’s are are able to assess the events and understand the true results.

Working with Event Staffing Companies in Toronto who Care about their Team

Event staffing companies in Toronto are not all the same. Our core head office is run by a small but dedicated group of individuals that have experience working in the field and know exactly how our staff should be treated. We pride ourselves on compensating staff quickly by direct deposit within 2 weeks of the event. We depend on them and want them to be able to depend on us.

We encourage our staff to brag about their job to their friends, and in some situations even compensate for referrals. Additionally, Tigris is the only event staffing company that compensates a percentage of our net profits on successfully booked referrals.

With staff spread out across the country, it can be hard to stay connected between events. As such, we keep them up to date with a monthly newsletter showcasing the successes of our team and nominate top performers for incentives, including our monthly social media contest that’s been running since January. We also feature the staff working our events on our social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In. We want our staff to be happy while working, passionate about the brand’s they’re representing and feel appreciated following each and every event they work.

Planning an event can be extremely time consuming and stressful. Let us take some work off your plate by providing and training the most exceptional temporary staff selectively hand-picked for your event. Give us a ring at 416-283-9119. Tigris’ is one of the top Event Staffing Companies in Toronto, Vancouver BC and Calgary AB (to name a few top cities). We look forward to hearing from you!

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