Event Marketing Agencies Toronto

Event Marketing Agencies Toronto

Event Marketing Agencies Toronto – Create Memorable and Effective Campaigns with Tigris!

Would you rather:
1) Return to a restaurant if you enjoyed the food but the service was disastrous?
2) Return to a restaurant if the food was average, but the ambiance was fabulous and you had an amazing server who ensured you had a great experience?

Of course, the correct answer which is not listed would be amazing food AND experience – however if this wasn’t an option, I think it’s safe to say the majority of those would choose the second option. Think about an interaction with a sales rep or other employee who took the time to ensure you had a positive experience, made you laugh or complimented your jacket is bound to be more memorable than your meal alone. The same rule applies to any brand or company – it is the experience that attracts the consumers and captivates their loyalty.

Consumers are more motivated than ever to make purchase decisions based on experience associated with the brand! Brands are no longer just things or products – they are lifestyle enhancements that allow consumers to live the life that THEY want. As a result, brands have to be more than companies, products, things… they need to engage their consumers on another level, connect with them deeply and personally.

Event marketing agencies Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver – or really, anywhere in the world can prove to be alot of selection. How do you know what to look for? Well, here at Tigris, one of the top event marketing agencies in Toronto, we believe that the concept of experiential marketing is more powerful now than ever before. Event marketing incorporates the powerful, personal face-to-face element that fails in comparison to traditional one-sided advertising and to some extend, digital as well.

There are several turnkey marketing solutions and strategies that your brand is able to benefit from but this depends on your goals, objectives – and yes, the B word. Your budget! With experiential marketing, the sky is the limit – but you need to have the time and the dollars to support some initiatives. There is a difference between a street promotion with branded reps and a digital app vs. custom designing a larger than life-sized interactive installation that is set up and torn down at 50 locations across the country!

There are also several components to achieving a successful marketing event campaign- here are a few to think about:

Branding – creativity and design takes time but it will be worth it. From packaging and booth design to signage and custom props/decor, point us in the right direction and we’ll make amazing things happen for your brand.
Custom Displays –Attract customers with custom displays and installations! We can help you define a project and produce impeccable, attractive visuals that get consumers engaged and excited.
Digital Technology – Tigris and our affiliated partners are able to develop a plan to immerse your consumers during and after their experience with the use of digital technology. Live action projections, touchscreen and motion capture, social media campaigns and mobile applications are a few facets we have experience with. The best part of digital is that it’s measurable. You want to make sure you’re getting your return on investment!
Photography and Videography – Art direction, commercials, branded photos, event videos and presentations are all components of photography and videography that will ensure long lasting publicity and ideally, even some viral activity.

Exceptional Experiential Marketing Campaigns from Event Marketing Agencies Toronto

Now that you’ve got a grasp on our creative strategies, it is clear that Tigris is an event marketing agency that goes above and beyond. We know how to gain attention, and where to go to get the right attention! The creative strategies we are able to implement with your brand can be executed at street samplings, malls, tradeshows, concerts and festivals. All of these tools and tactics work to enhance the experience your prospective consumers will have when interacting with your brand.

We’ve talked alot about what you can do – here is a fun example! From Nov-Dec, 2012, Tigris teamed up with Zoom Media to plan an experiential marketing campaign to promote Tide’s new detergent, Tide Sport + Febreze. This campaign included most of the facets listed above including branding, creativity, photography and the right people – the dynamic events staff to engage the participants. So what did we do you ask? From Jan. 28-30, our brand ambassadors were stationed at 24 gyms in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver to collect gym member’s dirty laundry. Our teams diligently spent the weekend doing close to 1,000 people’s laundry and participants received their clean laundry back on Feb. 1 – in Tide branded laundry bags/wrapped in paper to preserve the fresh scent of the detergent along with a free bottle of Tide AND coupons. How amazing is that? And we didn’t, lose or shrink one single item 🙂

It starts with an idea – a whiteboard session so to speak. You literally have to think outside the box. What can you do to capture the attention of your consumers? What will excite them and make them feel something? It’s a consumer driven world so if you want to stay ahead of the curve with your brand, you need to put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and ask “what would they like”?

Whatever your goal or objective, Tigris has a team of dedicated, creative individuals who believe your success is our success. Call us today at 416-283-9119. Tigris is one of the top event marketing agencies in Toronto serving locations across Canada from coast to coast.

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