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January 10, 2018
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January 23, 2018

Meet the Team: Sandra Abdelmaseih, Event Staffing HR Coordinator

event staffing hr coordinator

Sandra Abdelmaseih, Tigris Event Staffing HR Coordinator, recently graduated George Brown with an advanced diploma in Human Resources. She coordinates interviews across Canada and the United States to expand our roster of dynamic brand ambassadors. In addition, Sandra supports our account management team by recruiting in niche markets, and testing our software platform – coming soon!

Sandra is constantly up to date with the latest trends and technology, and is willing to share her delicious lunches and skin care routines with our team. Learn more about our newest team member!

How did your journey with Tigris begin?

I had heard about Tigris through a friend who has been on the roster for a couple of years. She advised me to email Serena about any future head office opportunities, as I was looking for a full-time position in HR after graduating from my program. Luckily at the time, the head office was planning to move and were about to host interviews for newly available positions. I applied for the Event Staffing HR Coordinator role and met the team, later joining them in their new office space the summer of 2017.

event staffing HR coordinator What motivates you to get up and do a great job every day?

Because of the industry we work in, there are always discussions going around our office space about executing events and staffing for them, so it’s fun to hear what is happening in different cities and being able to help plan in anyway. So, to do that everyday – it doesn’t get dull. The marketing industry is always exciting and what’s great is that I can have a medium of Human Resources and Marketing. I’ve always been a creative at heart, so it makes it easy for me to connect to both.

If you could go one place in the world, where would it be and why?

New York City but in the warmer months. I’ve gone when I was younger, but I was just tagging along with my parents. I’d like to experience the NYC life with sidewalk cafes, bagel carts and rooftop bars with a couple of friends. I would also visit Turkey again if I get the chance. Amazing culture and sights over there!

What makes your life rewarding?

My reward in life is security. Occasionally I reflect and realize that I am a lucky person. Not everyone can feel secure with their job, family and relationships. Don’t want to take that for granted!

Is what you’re doing now, working as an Event Staffing HR Coordinator, what you always wanted to do growing up?

I’m not too sure if I was one of those kids who had an idea of what they would be when they grew up. I had a big interest in graphics and I self taught when I was around 14 years old, and it’s definitely come in hand. But to be a full time graphic designer would have not worked well for me!

Describe your ideal weekend.

Probably grabbing a good bite to eat and playing board games or old Nintendo systems.

event staffing HR coordinator If You Could Live In A Book, TV Show Or Movie, What Would It Be?

I had a big TV obsession with Full House when I was younger, and I totally thought I was Stephanie Tanner (middle child, three girls in the house). So I would choose that! Especially with uncle Jesse being John Stamos, swooooon.

What are the three top traits you look for in a best friend?

  • Humour for sure! Must be on the same wave length and can poke/make fun of each other.
  • Easily share new music together.
  • It doesn’t hurt to have them also live close to you. My best friend is just down the street! It’s great for the summer time walks and ice cream runs.

What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Knitting, haha. I have a vague memory of learning the basics of knitting. I used to be a frequent commuter to the city during school semesters, and I would catch others pulling out their yarn and needles. I’d always be like, oh, what a good idea! But never got around to doing it.

Tigris works with many young professionals. Do you have any advice for the staff you work with?

Apply every where you can and go to each interview you get called to, even if you think you’re not qualified for the job. Not only are you getting yourself some practice when it comes to the interview process, you also better your chances at landing a job since managers remember the conversations they have with applicants face to face. And if you don’t land the job, at the least you know what would work better for the next time!

Event Staffing HR Coordinator Sandra is Looking for Applicants!

Are you interested in joining our growing team? Contact Sandra today with 2-3 recent photos and your resume. She will be in contact to schedule a group or Skype interview, depending on your location.

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