2017 09 30 Can’t Mess It Up! at Nuit Blanche

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Our certified food handlers assisted 6 Degrees and Can’t Mess It Up! at Nuit Blanche September 30. 

What is Can’t Mess It Up!? 

Can’t Mess It Up! has invited techniques and technologies that make it possible for ANYONE to cook gourmet seafood. Their never-ending mission is to create new techniques to bring gourmet seafood to your plate that are so easy that you really can’t mess up.

Onsite, our team was to sample delicious Can’t Mess It Up! salmon and educate guests at Nuit Blanche. The food truck experience includes a mobile kitchen trailer where our certified food handlers serve salmon samples on a bed of rice. The team was to target new consumers and encourage drive to purchase through key messaging and high value coupons.

Nuit Blanche Staffing Support for Can’t Mess It Up!

Our expert brand ambassadors served samples in  small sample boats with wooden forks. They encouraged patrons to enjoy a sample while communicating key messaging and distributing a high value coupon to drive patrons to store. Below are a few consumer testimonials: 

  • “I saw this in stores and I’m so excited to try this!”
  • “My husband LOVES Salmon; I’m going to make this for dinner tonight!”
  • “So yummy and flavorful!”
  • “I don’t typically like salmon but this is amazing.”
  • “Where can I purchase this? I need this for dinner tomorrow.”
  • “For a frozen product that is very impressive quality.”

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