2015 08 27 to 29 Montreal Events Staff Host Festival de la Poutine for Tiger Towel

2015 09 06 to 07 Brand Ambassadors for Sporting Events Over the Labour Day Long Weekend
September 22, 2015
2015 08 25 to 09 03 Market Researchers Conduct Study for UP Express
September 22, 2015

Our Montreal events staff were hosted the Festival de la Poutine in Drummondville for the last let of the Tiger Towel Summer Tour Aug. 27-29. Our staff were selected due to their expertise, enthusiasm and approachable personality.

Tigris Montreal events staff were responsible for communicating key messaging, reinforcing key product benefits, and engaging with consumers. It was easy to excite consumers about Royal Tiger Towel through such an engaging, memorable activation.  At one station, guests were able to take a piece of Tiger Towel Paper Towel to ‘scrub’ the coating off a game tile of their choice to reveal their prize. Prizes included Tiger Towel Fake Tattoos, branded tote bags, coupons, stuffed tigers and free Tiger Towel Paper Towel for 1 year!

Since it was a poutine festival, guests were getting a little messy. 6 Degrees, in association with Tiger Towel, distrubited Tiger Towel dispensers around the eating area for brand visibility and to give the consumers a chance to try out the product first hand. Our Montreal Events Staff were responsible for monitoring and replenishing the dispensers.

Last but not least, there was also a Tiger Towel High Striker activation for children only. The Tiger Towel mascot monitored the activation while children tested their ‘tiger strength’ by striking a wooden platform with a mallet. Every child was a winner and received a free temporary tattoo!

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