2017 04 07 to 08 Interactive Retail Promotion

Toronto Trade Show Promotional Model
2017 05 02 to 03 Toronto Trade Show Promotional Model for Winter Walking
May 5, 2017
Vancouver Trade Show Staff
2017 04 08 to 09 Vancouver Trade Show Staff for Healthy Crunch at CHFA West
April 13, 2017
interactive retail promotion

Tigris teamed up with 6 Degrees for an interactive retail promotion and video shoot at Loblaws Apr 7-8. Customers were treated to interactive “market moments” including balloons and a bouncy castle. Onsite, event staff were to assist the Loblaws clients with their video compilation shoot. Customers were familiar with Loblaw’s but not familiar with the market moments promotion. They were pleasantly surprised by the activations.

Below are a few participant testimonials:

  • “They had so much fun. Thank you so much!” (Referring to kids playing in the play zone)
  • “What a surprise. This is like a dream.”
  • “It was great being able to shop without having to worry about my daughter; I was able to shop so much faster.”
  • “Wow, I can’t believe you watched my kids and I got a $50 gift card for the store. Thanks, Loblaw’s!”

Interactive Retail Promotion – We Love Our Job!

In addition to the participants, our Tigris team also had a great time on site. One of our events staff said, “Giving people gift cards and playing with their kids was a great way to brighten up a stranger’s day. The entire day felt positive and heartwarming to spend the day giving to others.”  Interested in working with the Tigris team? Send 2-3 photos and your resume to recruiting@tigriseventsinc.com to apply.

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